(12"x18" double sided)


The sinews channels of Chinese medicine is a very effective healing model used to address musculo-skeletal pain. Very little is known about this system. 


This chart shows the relationship between the sinews channels and specific groups of muscles, sinews channels pathways, ah shi points, xi-cleft points, other useful points and a list of general symptoms related disorders of the sinews channels.


12" X 18" Double-sided Poster of The Sinews Channels Acupuncture Theory


(12"x18" double sided)


Five element theory is the foundation of Chinese medicine. This chart shows the relationship between the five elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal), the sheng cycle (creating cycle), ko cycle (controlling cycle), command points, luo points, xi-cleft points, entry-exit points and horary points.

The chart also shows the five elements correspondences with the natural environment, the human body, the twelve Officials, as well as the psychological strengths and imbalances related to the five elements.

12" X 18" Double-sided Poster of The Five Element Acupuncture Theory


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