The Living Entities of Acupressure Points​

Acupressure points are more than just dots on a chart. They are living entities that carry physical, mental and emotional powers.


In this course students will learn locations, names and functions of 80 acupressure points to be used for mental and emotional healing. The translations and interpretations of the points follow the lineage of five element acupuncture.


This course also offers the opportunity to practice hands-on techniques and assessment tools learned in previous acupressure classes (Acupressure & the 12 Rulers of the Kingdom - The Four Pillars of Assessment - Acupressure & the 8 Extraordinary Vessels).


In addition, Qigong exercises that influence the circulation of Qi, will be practiced.


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Prerequisites: Acupressure & the Twelve Rulers of the Kingdom

Students are advised but not required to take "Acupressure & the 8 Extraordinary Vessels" and/or "TuiNa: the Bodywork Method of Ancient China".

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