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Dashen® Foundation has educated thousands of students worldwide in the healing art of Dashen® Therapy, a form of energy work that utilizes acupressure, tui na and qigong techniques.  Whether you are looking for self-care techniques, you need continuing education or  you want to have a career in the healing profession, we have the training for you.


Based on Chinese Medicine theories (CM), our Dashen® Therapy training is designed to give students practical acupressure techniques to use in private practice with clients as well as in everyday situations with friends and family members.  


Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a beginner student, our training will suit your needs. ​

  • Learn very effective and easy to apply acupressure techniques

  • Earn CEs (Continuing Education hours)

  • Enroll in our certification programs and learn a new skill in the healing profession

  • Sign up for a self-care class

Acupressure Program - 100 hour

Dashen® Therapy Level 1

​"This style of acupressure is very powerful."


Vivienne M., Yoga Teacher

Puerto Rico

TuiNa Program - 75 hour

Dashen® Therapy Level 2

​"This was the most useful and enjoyable course I have taken in at least 10 years!!"


Angela S., Acupuncturist

Mendocino, CA

Five Element Program - 75 hour

Dashen® Therapy Level 3

"I really enjoyed this course. I will definite incorporate in my practice."

Christine T., Thai Massage Practitioner


Self-Care Program - 10 hour

Dashen® Self-Care Therapy

​"Everyone could benefit from this knowledge and technique."


Carrie A., Mom

San Jose, CA

 ​​About Us 

Dashen® Foundation is an organization that provides acupressure and qigong self-care as well as professional training to retreat centers,​ massage and bodywork institutions, ​schools of acupuncture​ and universities.

We provide high level education and certification in the professional practice of Dashen® Therapy.

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